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Off.Route. was started, and is owned by Jeff Rotondo and Jeremy Moore. We are Fathers, Husbands, Children, Climbers, Adventurers, Colorado Natives, and Outdoorsman.
Now let us tell you who we are. We are Off.Route. We live our lives off route. We veer from cities and follow our call to the mountains at every opportunity. The wilderness is where we belong. Off.Route. gear is a reflection of this passion. Our gear is not conceived in an office and designed on a computer program. It is engineered in the wilderness Mother Nature hands us a lesson that we are ill prepared for. Our gear is a solution to a natural situation. It is not a marketing ploy. The company is not simply a means to profit from. It is a reflection who we are. Off.Route. is our way of life.

Off.Route. gear fills a niche - The niche to get back to nature in its simplest form. If you take a look at gear today – much of it has come down to marketing. The outdoor industry solved many function issues decades ago. A lot of the outdoor industry simply adds features to gear. Our forefathers ran to the wilderness to escape the trappings of modernization. Today many gear companies try to bring modernization to the wilderness with you. Unfortunately, in doing this many people lose the process and experience that the wilderness offers. Ipods, solar powered electronics, coffee presses, and argon gas are some of the amenities we now see in some of the most desolate places left on Earth.
Off.Route. is a call back to nature. Simple function without the bells and whistles. Our race and especially outdoors men and women crave to get back to simplicity. We are searching for the truths that nature has to offer. We are minimalists, and we crave to engage our world in such a way. We are Off.Route.

We use one saying while designing our gear. “If you add enough to a backpack, you’ll design a motor home.” This keeps us in check.

Jeff Rotondo & Jeremy Moore

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